When we first started Kopenhagen Collective in 2013 the idea was to bring together a team of talented freelancers across creative fields to collaborate, share ideas, thoughts and work together on projects. I am happy to see that the original idea also has attracted the attention from clients who want the ability to choose and customize a team of freelancers for their case.

Rasmus Malmstrøm – Founder Kopenhagen Collective
Kopenhagen Collective

a creative community of people working with design, photography, journalism, food, magazines, books, architecture, music and web- and graphic design

Stunning Photography

Tell your story

Our in house photographers have years of experience in press photography, magazine, landscape- and portrait photography. We work with telling stories and are here to help you shape your visual profile weather it’s for your business, a family portrait or and editorial articles.

  • Web-design
    We build websites, portfolios and commerce platform

    If you need a new website we are here to help you. We have specialized web designers working in Squarespace, WordPress, Format and Shopify. Let us know what you need and we will get in touch with you right away.

    We are here for you weather you are a photographer needing a portfolio site or a large business needing a platform for your company.

  • Photography
    Tell your stories in stunning images

    We have some of the best photographers from Denmark ready to help you telling your story in stunning images.

  • Graphic Design
    Presentation is everything

    Through sharp design, beautiful fonts and imagery we shape your online identity. We think that a great website is the best first-hand experience you can give your customers.

  • Journalism
    Clear communication and capturing stories

    The talented journalists working from Kopenhagen Collective are specialized in Press releases, cultural content and science journalism.

Sharp web-design solution

Together we build the future

Through sharp design, beautiful fonts and imagery we shape your online identity. We think that a great website is the best first-hand experience you can give your customers.

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Graphic Design

Presentation is everything

Graphic Design, beautiful fonts is key to presenting your work the best possible way. We have great experience in magazine and book production. In house we have the talented people from Oak – The Nordic Journal biannual magazine with an international reach that covers Nordic culture, food, and design.

Stylish design

We really care about design. We believe that great design is the key to a better presentation of your brand, publication or idea

Choose the right platform

Choosing the right platform for promoting your work is important. Weather you have a webshop, your are a photographer, designer or a brand you should consider the best tools and platform to host your site. Give us a call and we can help you desite and build.

Innovative ideas

We love making ideas come true, and we would like to hear yours!


We are a networks based community and really care about our network.


Telling your story is important to get your message heard. We have talented journalist who does that everyday.


To us images means just as much as text and design. We really care about great photography weather it is to showcase a product or telling a capturing story in a magazine or newspaper.

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